Journal Solutions

As a special service for AIS Educators Association Members, who have attended the AIS Educator Conference at least once in most recent three years, teaching notes and solutions to problems set forth in the journal are available upon request. Faculty should send an email to the Association webmaster with a request for the specific file.

Volume 14 Issue 1

Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT): Operations and Revenue Cycle
Password: Raval

Volume 13 Issue 1

The Lemonade Stand: An Elementary Case for Introducing Data Analytics
Password: Schafer

Volume 12 Issue 1

Understanding, Evaluating and Monitoring Internal Control System: A Case and Spreadsheet Based Pedagogical Approach
Password: Davis

Introducing Students to Understanding Business Processes and Identifying Data Sources
Password: Gantman

Volume 11 Issue 1

Purchasing Process Internal Control Assessment: A Comprehensive Case Study Using Data Analytic Software
Password: Le

Password Protected Zip File: 11-1 Purchasing Process Internal Controls

SQL Injection: A Demonstration and Implications for Accounting Students
Password: Henderson

Password Protected Zip File: 11-1 SQL

Volume 10 Issue 1

An Introduction to Access 2013
Password: Taylor

Password Protected Zip File: 10-1 An Introduction to Access 2013 Instructor

Merchandise Hardware: A Case Designed to Teach Students Generalized Audit Software Using Microsoft Access

Password Protected Zip File: 10-1 Merchandise

Password: Lambert

Assembly FG: An Education Case Study Using QuickBooks as the AIS for a Small Manufacturing Business

Password Protected Zip File: 10-1 Assembly FG QuickBooks

Password: Bee

Use of Software and Collaboration Tools to Integrate AIS and MIS

Password Protected Zip File: 10-1 Use of Software Collaboration Tools –

Password: Etnyre

It’s about time. Introducing students to the concept of billable hours and improving their Excel skills by creating a spreadsheet to track their time

Password Protected Zip Files:
10-1 It’s About Time Teaching
10-1 It’s About Time Instructor

Password: Hinson

Volume 9 Issue 1

Bellwether Garden Supply: Revising Purchase and Disbursement Processes and Controls in the Implementation of a New Accounting Application

Password Protected Zip File: 9-1 Bellwether Garden

Password: McHugh

An Excel-Based, Multi-Year Accounting Cycle Project for either the First Intermediate Accounting Course or an AIS Course

Password Protected Zip File: 9-1 Accounting Cycle

Password: Cornell

Separating Cats from Dogs: A Case Designed to Enhance Students’ Abilities to Identify Incompatible Duties and Employee Red Flags

Password Protected Zip File: 9-1 Separating Cats From

Password: Hong

Volume 8 Issue 1

What’s Happening to Profits at Cazenovia Creations?

Password Protected Zip File: 8-1 What’s Happening to

Password: Garnsey

Step-by-Step Flowcharting: A Case to Teach Beginning Flowcharting Skills

Password Protected Zip File: 8-1 Step-by-Step

Password: DeVries

Volume 7 Issue 1

A Case to Provide Students Practice in Basic and Advanced Functions of IDEA Software

Password Protected Zip File: 7-1 Basic and Advanced

Password: Hayes

Auditing the Systems Understanding Aid Project: An Integrative Assignment for Accounting Students

Password Protected Zip File: 7-1 Auditing Systems Understanding

Password: Jones

Modeling the Budgeting Process: Enriching the Learning Environment Using Monte Carlo Simulations

Password Protected Zip File: 7-1 Modeling Budgeting

Password: Mensching

IFRS, U.S. GAAP, and XBRL Financial Statements: An Introduction and Case Study

Password Protected Zip File: 7-1 IFRS GAAP

Password: White

Volume 6 Issue 1

One Ticket to the Matinee Please: A Case Designed to Teach Students Accounting Software (Peachtree) Skills

Password Protected Zip File: 6-1 One Ticket to the Matinee

Password: Hayes

An Imaginative Exercise for Teaching Transaction Cycles in an AIS Course
Password: Walters

Password Protected Zip File: 6-1 An Imaginative Exercise for Teaching Transaction

Dexter Buys a Surfboard: An Exploratory Study of the Impact of a Classroom Activity and Reflection Paper on Student Perceptions of the First AIS Course
Password: Normand

Password Protected Zip File: 6-1 Dexter Buys a

Volume 5 Issue 1

Enriching AIS Courses With SOX Compliance Activities
Password: Segovia

Password Protected Zip File: 5-1 Enriching AIS Courses with

Volume 4 Issue 1

Implementing Generalized Audit Software in the Classroom – Michele Matherly, Marcia Weidenmier Watson, and Susan Ivancevich
Password: Matherly

Password Protected Zip File: 4-1 Implementing GAS Teaching

Volume 3 Issue 1

Powering up your Grade book: A Spreadsheet Designed to Teach Students Excel Skills and to Make Assigning Students’ Grades Easier – Sarah Bee and David C. Hayes
Password: Bee

Password Protected Zip File: 3-1 Powering Up Your Grade Book Teaching

Volume 2 Issue 1

A Segregation of Duties Case Study in the Purchase-to-Pay Process with an SAP Example – Nancy Jones and Jim Mensching
Password: Jones

Accounting Processes and the Accountant’s Role in AIS: An Instructional Resource – Roberta Ann Barra and Arline Savage
Password: Barra

A REA Business Process Modeling and Relational Database Development Case: The Paws and Claws Veterinary Clinic – Robert M. Ballenger
Password: Ballenger

Volume 1 Issue 1

The Lemonade Stand: A Teaching Case for Developing an Information System for the Revenue Process – Brad A. Schafer and Kathy Hurtt
Password: Schafer

Assessing Internal Control Over Cash Receipts at NADCo Communications: An Instructional Case – Robert Bromley
Password: Bromley

Introducing XBRL Using an Instance Document Shell – Clinton White, Jr.
Password: White